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Prevent regular problems of the woman from Russia with adaptation and homesickness

woman from Russia To conquer her heart is only the first step on the way to happy family life. There are a lot of issues that might ruin your spotless relationships even if you do whatever you can to make her feel merry. The major problem is adaptation to the new reality because Russia and the countries of the West are completely different in many ways so to it takes a while until she becomes to think that the new place is home for her like the motherland is.

The first step on that hard way is to leave her a little space to think. Yes, it is correct. Than more a woman thinks than more dull problems she creates in her mind. It is very dangerous to leave her alone even for a day because you might wake up with her in one mood but on your return home from the job it will be completely different. That is why a boyfriend has to spend with her a lot of time after arriving to the new for her state. If it is impossible at all, then he has at least call her several times a day asking about what she is doing and offering a great evening. That attention will please her so she will think not about her Russia but about her husband.

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One more option is to find her a hobby. It should be something that occupies her for the largest part of the day because while you are at work she needs to do something. Even if she has a lot of house duties she still will get rid of it in three hours because Russian women are famous for those abilities of them. That is why it is a good thing to make a garden with flowers for her or to buy her an aquarium because all the things demand constant attention so she will be occupied at least for additional 2-3 hours a day. You might also buy her a course of the national language of the new country for her so it will not only occupy her but also it will be very helpful.

Moreover, it is an option to buy her a pass for gym where she will train 2-3 days a week. It is not that expensive and at the same time is very good for health. If she dislikes training then it might be swimming pool. The main advantage of such hobbies and courses is that she will not only improve her skills and occupy herself but also she will meet new people. It is very hard to live when there is no one except for your man around. Yes, a lot of girls agree to follow their soul-mates till the edge of the Earth however it does not mean that they do not need friendship. It is a great way not only to improve social and linguistic skills but also the way to get rid of all the emotions. It is necessary to get rid of them from time to time and it is impossible to share all the joys and sorrows only with the one person so good friends will help her to survive that harsh time of adaptation.


It is still important to keep her ties with her family in Russia. For example, to prevent her from being homesick the boyfriend might bring her parents for some time in the new country. Of course, it should not be a long time because you two need some space for yourself but in a couple of weeks she might start thinking of home and that is the best way to show her, that living abroad does not mean that her family is too far. That knowledge will help her adapting faster to the new reality because she will understand that she might meet her friends and parents from Russia anytime she wants to.

All in all, the process of adaptation to the new countries and conditions is in our blood and flash. It is hard only for the first time but then anyone is able to find out that the new place is not worse than the old one. Of course, how fast is that adaption will go is depending only on her and her partner because a good boyfriend will be able to find the way how to turn her thoughts off the sorrows.

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