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Find out why Russian women try to look extremely sexy and what their expectations are

Russian women are very beautiful, it is true. The phrase “Russian beauty” became well known all over the world and is mostly associated with a blonde lady with light skin, delightful smile, and well-proportioned form. Many people arriving to Russia notice that Russian women look different from western women. While western girls prefer simple and comfortable clothes and boots without heels, Russian girls really love to dress up. They spend a lot of time and money on their appearance. They are usually well informed about beauty products, such as cosmetics, skin and hair care products. You can pretty much never see them without make up. They always bring their cosmetic bag, in which you can find several lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, powder, and rouge. They regularly visit manicurists and hairdressers. Some Russian girls try to do their best not to let their boyfriend see them without make-up.

Russian women tend to overdress and put on too much make up. Even if she needs to go to the shop nearby to buy milk, bread and a couple of yogurts, she will put on a nice dress, high heels, and make her hair. Russian women prefer to wear skin-tight clothes, décolleté blouses and dresses, and fancy shoes. All of these makes her look very attractive and feminine. However, sometimes the desire of Russian girls to look sexy goes beyond all reason: be ready to see a young girl wearing a mini-skirt, a short jacket, and boots with high heels, trying to walk on an icy road on a frosty winter day.

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Find out why women from Russia try to look extremely sexy and what their expectations are

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Many Russian girls begin to use beauty products very early. Don’t be surprised if you see a young 14-15 year-old girl with dyed hair, light make-up, and stylish manicure, wearing skin-tight blouses and heels. Sometimes these young girls look like “little adults.”

You can easily distinguish Russian girl in a western country by looking at her dress: she is usually dressed up carefully, as if she is going to the party.

Why do Russian women want to look so attractive? Of course, they would like to catch men’s interest and to be a center of attention. The famous Russian song says: “Statistics shows that for 10 girls there are only 9 guys.” And that’s true. The amount of men in Russia is less than the amount if women, but every woman dreams of being married to a healthy, kind and successful man. Russian girls want to have a united, close-knit and happy family. That’s why they dye their hair, extend nails, go to the gym and keep a diet. They want to attract a guy they like most of all. They want to be beautiful and unique. According to the famous saying, clothes count for first impressions. freedatewomen

Actually many Russian girls are not only beautiful, but also very smart and well educated. They play musical instruments, dance, paint, speak foreign languages. Sometimes they have two or even more higher educations, but they still think that it is better to attract men’s interest by sexy clothes and bright make up. For some reason they believe that showing their erudition will rather scare the guy away than attract him.

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