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What you need to tell your bride from Russia if you live on a tight budget

bride from Russia Russian girls are expecting a lot from their Western grooms. They want to get from them everything that men in Russia cannot give them. Usually that is stability, attention and huge amount of money. In the country of freezes and bears you can work all your life and do not make any significant fortune however that is not problem only of a state but also of people who cannot spend money wisely. That is why any foreigner has to be ready explaining the financial situation to his woman fifty times a day and maybe it will work somehow out.

It is a dangerous thing to give your girlfriend from Russia yours debit card. She might spend a fortune in a couple of days because it is the way how she lives in her country. There is no one who tries to keep money in banks because no one trusts in them. In financial stability no one trusts either so people spend all the money they have all the time. That is why it should not be a surprise when you have not much money but a Russian girl behaves like you are a millionaire.

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Sometimes it is helpful to explain her that in your country money cannot become worthless in a couple of days so here you have to use bank accounts and deposits and do not spend everything at once. Of course it might be shock for her at the first couple of month but later she will get accustomed. Moreover it is a good step to show her how every saved euro might help in the future. For example, you might show that all the saved money will be necessary for your future marriage and without them nothing will happen. She will think twice in that case before she buys something. It is important her to show that all her wastes will have consequences on the family life.

Moreover, it might be helpful to give her the right to look for finances for a month. If she feels responsible for all of that money, she will better understand how everything works. The problem is that in Russia men do not allow their women to deal with money so the latter spend as much as they want simply because they are not aware of the family budget. If a man will show her list of wastes and incomes she will accept that some of the buys have been not necessary and it is sometimes better to save money for the future than to spend them on the claptrap today.

Of course, quite often Russian women have such an argument as they do need something right now like new shoes or mantel. It might be a new piece of jewelry. However if you explain her that if you put these money on a bank account in a couple of years one thousand will turn into 1200 so there will be more choice for her and also you both will be able to buy something else. It is important to show her not that she spends a lot but the alternatives and how money works. A smart woman will understand and by the way there are plenty of intelligent girls in Russia so the chance to find a stubborn creature who wants only to spend is not that high.


Problems connected with budget will emerge from time to time in every family and it is not always the fault of the women. Sometimes men do not want to explain to their wives how to spend money correctly so the latter waste them. If your woman from Russia gets that knowledge once, she will consider it any further because now she will be not only the one who simply spends money but the one who is responsible for the budget equally to her husband.

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