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How to build a distance relationship with a woman from Russia?

russiagirlyong Sometimes even a one-week separation is a true trial for the relationships but when it lasts for month it is getting only harder and harder. There are many scientists or famous people who claim that distance make a true love only stronger however it is correct only in 10 percent of cases. It does not mean that the rest of the people are all liars or cheaters, it is merely a great examination for the couple’s psyche and not everyone might survive it. On the other hand, the one who is determined to build prosperous relationships at the distance has to know some facts about the best ways to do that.

If you meet your girlfriend via dating web-site or somewhere at the resort so soon you will have to be separated for some time, you have to try to tighten the relationships because soon the ties between two of you will fade. That is why it is important to know that Russian girls are very patient and they can wait for a long time. Of course, separation for a year or even for two might be destructive but in Russia almost every woman has waited for her boyfriend for a long time at least once. It happens because all Russian men have to serve in the army and the period in military forces is about one year. So this patient has been formed long ago and now it is in the genes of Russian girls so if her man is concerned about her during that period, the relationships will survive.

Moreover, the majority of the girls in Russia believe that guys abroad are much better than those from the inside of the country and it will support the relationships either. However patience and this good image are good things however it is not enough at all. What is helpful for the distance dating is constant chatting via Internet services because it is the only way of communication. A smart boyfriend will try to amuse her from day to day forming an addiction her to him. Quite soon she will not be able to imagine her life without these talks with the man so she will need him.

One more way to build a tight connection between two of you is to see each other at least sometimes. It does not matter where you will see each other – in Russia, in the country of yours or somewhere else. The key is to remind her about your presence in her life not only virtually but materially too. Of course, sometimes it is not impossible to visit her every week, but once in a couple of month is real, so try to use all the opportunities to see each other till the moment you will figure out how to deal with that distance and where to live together.

At distance one of the best ways to show your affection to her is to write lyrics in her honor. It does not have to be something good-rhymed, but it should reflect your feeling towards her. She needs to see that she is the most beautiful and adorable even from the distance so all the compliments that might be applied to her should be mentioned. Moreover it is important to use these love lyrics at the right moments, for example, when she is happy with something or vice versa disappointed. On these peaks of emotions everything is felt stronger so your love confession might be more important for her at these periods and the effect of that will last much longer.

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Everyone who is trying to build the relationships at the distance has to be ready for a lot of inconveniences. You cannot not touch your partner or smell her perfume however a right lead-up towards her might improve the existing connection between two of you. That is why if you have to be separated by the distance you both have to be prepared to struggle for love and not to surrender when things seem to be not good enough.

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