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Find out what is the biggest turn-off for a woman from Russia in their relationship with western men

rusewomen The conflict between the woman and the man might happen even if everything is spotless in their relationships. However when there are two absolutely different countries included in that mixture of love then the probability of scandal only increases. What are the things that are the most painful for the relationships and how to avoid mentioning or doing them?

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Family ties are above all in Russia. When the one does not help his or her relative in a hard situation this person starts being considered as an outcast. That is why if a boyfriend from an abroad shows his disrespect to the parents even of his own it might have bad consequences for him. The girls from Russia are quite old-fashioned in that way so they will think if he pays not much attention to his roots then he will do the same in the relationships. Even worse will be if the man will somehow limit her communication with her family. That might be irreversible. She needs to feel partner’s support in such situation but not the denial. That is why allowing her to meet her relatives all the time she wants is crucial for the healthy relationships.

The same is applied to the friendship. It is a fact that she needs to discuss her problems with someone excepting her boyfriend and parents. So she needs her buds to talk with them about something she would never speak with someone else. So the limitation of that communication might be destructive for the family. Russians often say that there is nothing more important than friendship so if the man stands in between her and her buddies it might lead to the exclusion him from her life. So keeping in touch with her girlfriends will not only help to save the relationships but also it will significantly help it because only her buds might persuade her to make a decision in favor of her boyfriend. So if you have a fight, her friends might calm her down and to reconcile with you sooner than you will do it on your own.

Russians are quite concerned with the history of their country, especially educated ones. They cannot accept the other’s point of view so it is important not to mention a thing about the victorious armies of the West because for Russian there is only Red Army who has won the WW2. The same is applied to the respect to the country. Quite often Russian girls will criticize the country of their own however it is better not to add something from you. Only Russians might talk bad things about their state but all the rest should keep quiet because it is the best way to avoid confrontation. Today the national proud of the people is increasing so even when the girl from the country of bears lives in France or Germany she will still remember of her motherland and quite soon she will forget everything bad about it. So it is good for the relationships to show the interest in the state but destructive to disrespect it.


The key to success in the relationships with a woman from Russia is to respect her ties and roots. It does not matter how long she is living abroad, a lady still will remember her parents, family and the country. The thing is that the years leave in the memory only the good images of the past erasing the bad, so saving her connection with the motherland is what every boyfriend from the West has to care about.

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