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Find Russian wife with the professional help of online dating platform in 2017

I want to tell you thank you from myself and from my fiancée, with whom we met on your site in July 2015. I wanted to find my love, because I was sick and tired of constant failures in love. I realized that everything was in my hands and I wanted to try one more opportunity to meet my soul mate. To tell the truth, I didn’t expect such great result! My future wife, Anastasiia, had registered at the site for a month before me. To say the true, she was very skeptical about that, and thought that such a step was for very desperate people. But fortunately she was mistaken. After couple weeks of correspondence we met for the first time, started dating and at last we got married.

Find Russian wife

But I think that this website helps not only find Russian wife, but give appropriate advice how to organize the first meeting and the following common life. The first important information that I have found on this online platform was that people in search of a serious relationship attach great importance to the home environment of a potential partner, that’s why fitness equipment, books, flowers and pets are very important. That’s why I decided to organize my house properly before invite Anastasiia into my apartment.

The next useful information was about the relation to the girl.

- It is important to be generous with sincere compliments, as women really love with their ears. During the corresponding it is necessary to show that you are serious about relationship and that you are an ideal family man.

- Be a gentleman. The simplest answer to the question "How to please a girl?" is to show good manners. What could be simpler than a sign of attention as to hold the door, put on a coat or help open the car door in front of a lady. Every girl dreams of a prince, and the prince, as a rule, do not know firsthand about good manners. If you want to learn more about modern etiquette, you will find a wide selection of literature on the subject and the corresponding network.

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- Keep calm. Stay calm, even in stressful situations. Unperturbed man, who knows what to do, will delight any woman. Do not panic over nothing, and even if you are quarrelling, try to intelligently argue, and not hard to prove your innocence. Now you know how to please a girl, even when there will be something unexpected.

- Make surprises. Surprise your sweetheart with a small but nice gift for no reason. Remember what she admires, perhaps, a beautiful scarf, a book, which she would like to read, or to give her just favorite candy. Put imperceptibly to prominence surprise and wait for her reaction. Happiness and excitement are guaranteed!

- Bear in mind your body language! Posture, facial expressions and gestures define how we are perceived by others. It is scientifically proven that a healthy self-confidence is the key to success in many spheres of life. Confident, not arrogant or indecisive person, make the impression of attractive, successful and nice people. Therefore, at the first meeting with a stranger, you should not make an impression of timidity or arrogance.

Find Russian wife

And, probably the most important advice is not to live with a person you do not like. Do not live with a woman who does not love you. When you or your woman will find a more suitable person, your relationship will be destroyed. On shaky foundation can not build a good house. Only the family home, based on love and mutual respect can withstand life's trials and difficulties.