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Having a romantic evening with a Russian girl: the do's and don'ts

You have finally asked your Russian girl out. That’s great! Then you need to learn some tips, how to make your romantic evening perfect and make a good impression on your lady. In this article you can find, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do on a date with your Russian girlfriend.

Top things you should DO

  1. Be well dressed. It is obvious that you shouldn’t wear wrinkled, dirty, or old clothes, but it’s better to forget about T-shirts, jeans and sport shoes as well. It doesn’t mean that you must wear only a suit and look like a president, but remember, that Russian girls love to dress up and they do their best to look perfectly, so you should be dressed properly. Fine dress helps to impress. Just remember that!
  2. Be a gentleman. Remember that a Russian girl will expect you to court her. You should pick her up at her place before a date and bring her back home after it. Always open the doors for her and let her pass first, offer her a sit in a public transport, help her to put on and take off her coat. There is one more important thing you should know. If you invite a girl to a restaurant/café etc., she usually expects you to pay for her. Never ask your girlfriend to pay for herself because she may not have money with her.
  3. Bring her flowers. All Russian women love flowers. In Russia, romantic evening can’t be imagined without flowers. If you don’t bring your lady a bunch of flowers you will disappoint her. Small gifts or souvenirs from your country also help you to make a good impression.
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  5. Be polite. It goes without saying that you must be polite with your girlfriend, but you should also be polite with other people. For example, if you invite your girlfriend to a restaurant, don’t shout at a waiter. Also, don’t insist if she doesn’t feel like answering your question. Just skip it and bring up another topic to discuss.
  6. Learn something about Russian culture. Your girlfriend will definitely be impressed if you say some words in her native language and show her, that you know who is Pushkin, Lermontov, Tchaikovsky or Gagarin. It’s always good, if your show your respect for her country and culture.

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Top things you should NOT DO

  1. Let you girlfriend carry heavy bags. One of the worst things you can do is to let your girlfriend carry heavy bags. Always offer her your help.
  2. Use obscene language. It is very impolite to use strong language in the presence of a lady. This will definitely make a bad impression on her, and it is very likely that your date with this lady will be the last one.
  3. Make fun of her country and culture. The right way to offend your Russian girlfriend and spoil the romantic evening is to say something bad about her native country. Even if the Russians themselves often joke about Russia or say that life in Russia is not good, you, as a foreigner, are not expected to say such things about Russia.
  4. Don’t criticize her appearance. Be sure that she has spent hours choosing her best dress, putting on make up and doing her hair. Your criticism will offend her. womenrussiandate

Hopefully, now you have a better idea on how to behave correctly on a date with a Russian girl. All these rules are easy to understand and remember, and they will help you to organize a perfect Russian-style evening.

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