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Find out what Russian women fears are and how to deal with them

If you have made up your mind to find a Russian bride and to bring her to your native country, you may be interested in understanding the most common fears, which many women feel when they build a relationship with a foreigner and move to a new country.

The main fear, which is common for Russian women, is the fear of changing of her way of living and the place of residence. Many Russian women get used to their place and moving to a new city even within Russia will be a big stress for them, say nothing of changing a country. Everything will seem knew to your future wife in your native country, including people, language, food, traditions, and rules of etiquette. You should be very patient and answer her questions regarding living in your country, even if the answers seem obvious to you.

Your future Russian wife may be afraid of being on bad terms with your family. Is your family ready to have a foreign woman among them? Or they will never accept her and she will remain an “alien” for your relatives forever. If your family accept and respect your choice, you should tell your girlfriend about it.

Also, your Russian girlfriend may have fears of losing her attractiveness. Russian women know that western men often consider them very beautiful, but time is ruthless for anyone, and it can spoil their beauty. Will you love your Russian lady even if she becomes less attractive as the years go by? If you love her not only for her appearance, but also for her rich inner world, don’t forget to highlight this in the conversation with her.

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Another big fear of Russian women is connected with a question about children and divorce. If she already has a child from her previous marriage, she may get very nervous about how you will deal with each other. Her child remains the most important person for your Russian woman forever (even more important than you) and you should put up with this fact. If you are not ready to accept her child, don’t waste your and her time. A loving Russian mother will never leave her child in order to live with you.

If you are planning to have children, your future Russian wife may be afraid of losing her children in the case of divorce. In Russia, children usually remain with their mother when the parents are getting divorced. However, when a husband is a citizen of a country, but a wife is not, it may be difficult for her to prove her rights on her children and to be together with them in the case of divorce. This will be a real tragedy for a Russian woman.


Another reason why a Russian woman may be afraid of having a relationship with a foreigner is that she has heard about many bad examples of international marriages. Mass media usually spread more negative information than positive. They write about Russian girls that were sold abroad into slavery or about foreign men that humble, offend and even beat their Russian wives. In order to calm your Russian girlfriend, find a good example of a happy international family.

Even if your Russian bride loves you from the bottom of her heart, it may be very difficult for her to go over all these fears alone. If your will to marry a Russian girl is serious and strong, you should calm her and help her overcome her fears.

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