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Does a long distance relationship really work with a Russian woman?

Long distance relationship is always a hard thing. Only the most patient people can go through all the difficulties connected with such kind of relationship. However, if your soul mate is from Russia and there are thousands of kilometers between you and your loved one, don’t feel bad about it. Long distance relationship not only have a right to exist, but also it can be harmonious and pleasant, and lead to building up a happy family. You should think positively and never say die! Many Russian women are very patient and family-oriented, they appreciate your attitude towards them, and they are ready to wait for a face-to-face date for weeks or even months. In this article, you can find some useful information about developing and saving a long distance relationship with your Russian girlfriend.


Communication is an essential part of any kind of relationship. Try to communicate with your soul mate as often as it is possible. Modern means of communications allow you to stay in touch wherever you are. With telecommunication programs like Skype or Google Talk, you can organize a video chat for free and “meet” as often as you wish. Even if you are extremely busy, find a few minutes to call her or just send her a message or a funny picture, showing that you miss her. It is very important for her to feel that you need her.

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Small presents as an act of courtesy

Don’t forget to send your girlfriend flowers. Russian women adore flowers. Another good idea is to send your lady small gifts, sweets or post cards from your country. Be sure, your girlfriend will be happy to get such presents from you. Souvenirs or post cards from your native country will remind of you every time when she looks at them.

Discuss your future meeting

What can be more pleasant for lovers, separated from each other by several cities or even countries, than to talk about their future date? If you are going to visit your loved one in Russia, ask her about her city, what places of interest you can visit together. Many Russian cities and towns have rich history, unique buildings and beautiful parks. If you don’t speak Russian, start learning it. Your girlfriend will definitely be pleasantly impressed with your interest to her native culture. If you want to invite your lady to your country, get well-prepared for her visit. Find out the information about historical places of your city, fairs, festivals, or whatever she is interested in.

Try to do something together

Despite the fact that you cannot invite your lady to a restaurant or café, you can still do many things together, such as reading the same book or watching the same movie at the same time and then sharing your opinion about it. Just use your creativity and go on forward! sexyrussianwomennet

Every kind of relationship is hard work. Long distance relationship is several times much harder. It is very important, that both of you understand it and make efforts to develop healthy relationship, based on mutual understanding, trust and compromise.

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