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Find out why women from Russia try to look extremely sexy and what their expectations are


People around the world quite often admit that the girls from Russia are the most beautiful in the world. These ladies do their make-up procedures from day to day without mattering whether they go for a walk or to the gym. That is why it is quite interesting questions why are they so concerned about their appearance even in the situations when it is not necessary at all?

There is such a city in Russia that is called Ivanovo. There are much more girls than men so the only way to get a man in that town is to look completely staggering in the comparison with the rest of the women. Absolutely the same happens in the other Russian cities. Men are the minority that is why there is a significant percentage of women who have never been married. That is a strong competition for guys attention so there should not be a moment when the counterparts will look sexier than she is. That is why the women are trying to use all their chances because even during the work-out it is possible to find their soul-mate. So they are trying not to water there and to keep their hairstyles in form.

It is also a significant impact on their appearance from their mothers and grannies. These relatives always say their girls that they have to look superb because it is the only way to be remarkable. So the young ladies begin making up themselves from the years of 12 or 14 so at the time of maturity they are masters of that kind. They can look pretty in all the situations so they get accustomed to the high heels and they can even run on it. Everything is made to catch his attention because if she fails it might bring her only unhappiness in the future.

One more important thing is that they are trying to look extremely sexy for themselves. It is a fact that there is no one who underlines the other girl beauty than the woman. Men are quite the same in their evaluation of appearance and straight-forward too. The girls on the other hand see even the smallest faults so to be thought as the sexiest one by the woman is the highest appreciation. It is a sign that such a lady might insist on her point of view because she is the one know who is needed so the men have to fight for her, not vice versa.

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The last but not the least theory why Russian girls are trying to look beautiful all the time is the legend connected with the Witch Haunt in the middle-aged Europe. All the beautiful girls there had a power to seduce the men so the Church disliked the easiness of that. They did not want the drifting the men away from the religion path so they started making executions claiming that the beautiful girls were witches. So the majority of the pretty faces were annihilated and how in Europe there are a lot of problems connecting with the search of an amazing girl. On the other hand the majority of the Slavic girls are looking at least pleasant because there has not been such a hunt on the witches and these genes have passed from one generation to another.


Beauty is the thing that is firmly connected with genetics. However Russian girls are pretty and sexy all the time not only because of the past generations but because they do want to be the most beautiful ones all the time in order to win the strong competition. When all the ladies around you are decent looking the only thing you can do is to be more attractive than the rest so she is caring of her appearance all the time because no one knows when her destiny will be found.

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