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Russia, a country with the "Only Child Syndrome", how it can affect you and your fiancé’s family and sex life

bridewomen It quiet often happens that families in Russia have the only child. People are afraid to give a life to their kids due to instability in the country. That is why parents pay all their attention at the only child so he or she is growing up embraced with love. It does make a significant impact on their behavior and it might change her or his way of the world perception completely, including the sexual life. It is important to know that the only kids are quite often behave like everybody should obey them and do whatever these kids want. They might be incredibly arrogant and even a single denial to make their wish a real thing might be concerned abusive so it will completely spoil the relationships . It happens a lot when they want to make in the bed only those things that are good for them, not for the partner. If they want they will dominate in sex, however on the other hand they get accustomed to avoid any actions so it might be the situation when they are demanding to make all the moves during sex from their partners.

Family life will be a reflection of a sexual one. They will either dominate or not but in any case they want everything to happen only because of their wishes and desires. If they get accustomed that their parents have cooked them food, so they will be waiting the same from their partners either. The only sigh of dissatisfaction at the time of making things for them might lead to the tears or scandal, so it is not easy to get on with them. However it is impossible to live with somebody who cannot even make an effort to change the life and to help her partner somehow in the household. That is why it is important to show her that the wishes of the others are vital for the relationships too.

It is hard to change her because all her life she has been pettled like a girl who should not care about the needs of others. Her boyfriend has to persuade her that his wishes are important too. On the other hand if she is completely spoilt woman then it is a life that might change her somehow. When she will see that her actions have bad impact on the relationships she might understand that the one who has screwed everything has been her, not anyone else. Unfortunately such people get accustomed to blame anyone else except for themselves so it is hard to stay with her all the time trying to change her world perception.

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On the other hand not all the kids with the only one syndrome are so selfish and ignorant. They might be on the opposite quite dependent on others opinion. It is the best way to have a happy family and sexual life. They are eager to feel what her partner feels so she would do whatever she can only to catch his attention. They have had it all the childish life so they want to continue it and that is why it is important for her to ask for her boyfriend wishes and desires and make them real. In bed everything is the same because they do not want to lose the man so she will welcome a lot of things during sex. Of course sometimes there is a need to push her somehow to some actions but usually it does not take a long time.


The only child syndrome can work both ways. Sometimes her parents make a real monster with a giant ego that does not listen to anyone and does not consider anyone’s wishes. Such a girl wants everyone to serve her needs without any questions. On the other hand sometimes the only girl in the family wants to get back all the attention that she has had once in her life. She will do a lot of things to make her partner be with her so she will consider all his wishes and she will be eager to make them true to life.

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