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Discover why you must avoid certain words and subjects when you talk to a Russian woman in her country

If you are about to book a flight to Russia in order to visit your Russian girlfriend, you probably should find out how to behave yourself at your date, what to say and what not to say to your lady.

Never complain to a Russian woman, how difficult, long or exhausting your trip to Russia was, even if you are terribly tired after a long flight and/or long trip in a train or a bus. Have good rest before the date to look fresh and to meet your beloved one with a cheerful and happy smile. Also don’t say that you have spent on the trip too much money. Be sure, your woman is aware of the approximate cost of your trip and appreciate, that you have found time and money for your face-to-face meeting. Your complaints about the cost of your trip will make her think that you are a mercantile person, that you are not happy to see her, and that you love her less than your money. She may ask herself: “Why on earth has he arrived in Russia, if he is going on and on about how much he has spent?” It is better to avoid topics regarding your financial situation. It is not suitable for a romantic evening. Remember, that your complaints can spoil your relationship forever.

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Don’t bring up topics about your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend or ask her about her ex-boyfriends. Your previous relationships are in the past, now you have a new girlfriend and you should concentrate on developing relations with her. The information about your ex-girlfriends may not be interesting for your lady. Moreover, it will make her think that you haven’t really forgotten your ex-girlfriend, and make her jealous of you. If she asks you to tell about your previous relationships, it will be enough to say, for example, that you have been married and/or that you have a child, but don’t tell bad things about you ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

Don’t tell your Russian girlfriend, that you are in bad relations with your family, especially with your mother. She may think that you are a cold-hearted person. In Russia, it is quite common when several generations live together in one apartment. Most of families cannot afford buying a separate apartment for their children, that’s why children usually don’t leave their parent’s home when they turn 18. They establish very warm relations between each other. Also, the idea that a child must respect his parents is being raised since childhood.


If you are meeting at her place, and if she prepares a romantic dinner for both of you, don’t criticize her cooking even if you don’t like it at all. Be sure, she has spent hours to cook it especially for you, and you should thank her for her efforts anyway. And don’t forget to bring her flowers and a box of chocolates! She will be unhappily surprised to see you empty-handed. It is not because Russian women are mercantile. According to a Russian tradition, a guest should bring some gifts for the host.

These few tips help you to avoid awkward situations at the date with your Russian girlfriend.

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