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"Thank you Russia-Woman!"

Thank you very much for your service !!!! I have found my Beloved Husband on Russia-Woman.net. I am from Moscow (Russia) and he is from Seychelles. We love each other so much and we are so happy thanks to you !!!!!!!!!! We recommend your service to our friends and clients, becouse your site really works... THANK YOU AND BEST BEST REGARDS !!!!! Marina and Donald ;-)


"Thank you Russia-Woman!"

My name is Didier and I live in Belgium. Natalia and I have started communicating August 7, 2011. We were very honest on the first day about our expectations. We met for the first time in Prague after six weeks of exchanges of mail and skype conversations. We really discovered for 3 days, we liked the same things, we could talk about everything. Then we met twice for long weekend in Vienna and Paris during the month of October. We decided to get married. Our wedding was celebrated Friday, 11.11.11 in Russia, near Rostov. In a few weeks we will live together in Belgium and our greatest wish is to have a baby as soon as possible. If you are ready to meet your soul mate, if you're willing to give than to receive as much, if you search sincerely and honestly love this site can help you but remember that it sometimes takes force the chance and destiny and perhaps take a small risk but who risks nothing gets nothing. I am now the happiest of men, Natalia is perfect, I love her more than anything on earth and I know it is reciprocal.


"Thank you Russia-Woman!"

Мы с моим мужем нашли друг друга на этом сайте. Теперь мы живем как в сказке в любви и взаимопонимании. Мы всем желаем обрести свою настоящую любовь и быть счастливыми всю жизнь....


"Thank you Russia-Woman!"

Выражаем огромную благодарность за работу и помощь в поисках счастья! Благодаря Вашему сайту мы нашли друг друга и теперь женаты уже почти 2 года. Мы рекомендуем всем обращаться на Ваш сайт и надеемся, что все будут так же счастливы , как и мы! Семья Scholze


"Thank you Russia-Woman!"

We would like to thank this site which has changed our life. Nadezhda (Russia) and Alfred (Switzerland).

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