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Jan and Valya

"hank you Russian Cupid for giving us the chance to meet"

Jan and Valya We were both members of RussianEuro, and we had both “talked” to other people, looking for “the One”. In September 2010 , we “found” each other, and our lives changed completely. We got married in April this year, and now we can start to live again. Thank you Russian Cupid for giving us the chance to meet. To all of you who seek their “Half” we say – Do not give up hope – work at it - believe – and you too will have the luck that we share.

Tim & Ola

"A very big thankyou to Russia-Woman "

Tim + Ola

We're very happy that soon we will be together so just wanted to come back to say a very big thankyou to Russia-Woman !!!!!

We Married in February 2011 after meeting my super lovely wife on this site, we started chatting here in November 2008, shortly after met and quickly fell in love with each other, When I got back to the UK we continued to chat here for 2 months before taking a holiday together and by then we were very sure we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and have met many times since, sorry to leave you as its because of this wonderful site we found our perfect match and true love.

George & Ekaterina

"I found Ekaterina on your site "

I found Ekaterina on your site about 2 weeks after I joined. In fact Ekaterina wrote to me first, I was so impressed by her message. That was 24th October 2006. We now live in Gold Coast QLD, Australia. Been Happily married for 3 years. For me, life started at 50 :) I truly found my second half, life is just fantastic! I wish all those trying to find a partner for life the same good fortune as I and Katie have had. Special thanks to Russia-Woman for advertising that day. I was actually looking for something else when I noticed the advertisement on the right. Something inside me made me click on it. Well, the rest is History. To My Lovely Wife Ekaterina- I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!



great site thanks

Bryan & Tanya


Thank you lots! We found each other through Russia-Woman!!! Our wedding was on the 2nd of October 2010 and we are still together and happy:-) Everybody good luck!!


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